Better to Lose Weight Sauna or Steam Room

Better to Lose Weight Sauna or Steam Room

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Researching this article was interesting – the question does steam, or sauna cause weight loss came up with these answers – yes, no and maybe.


First answer – fallacy to losing weight by sauna or steam bath use. Weight is made up of fat, water, and muscle tissue. Losing weight through excessive sweating that is experienced in a steam room or sauna is all replaced as soon as you replace the water. Some even believe that after a session, due to sweating you will be thirsty and if you experience fluid loss by replacing it with high-calorie drinks, you might end up gaining fat as a result. So, weight loss after a sauna or steam bath is only a temporary loss.


The ability of steam baths and saunas to help you lose weight is really overstated. Spend any length of time in either environment and you will sweat enough to make a difference on the scale – but it is all water weight. When it is replenished, you will be back where you started.

No scientific evidence

Some people make the claim that using steam rooms and saunas help in weight loss but there is no scientific signal to support the claim.

Another school of thought

But another ‘school of thought’ – sauna or steam bath may actually help with weight loss by detoxifying the body. From the point of view of science, it is true that sauna or steam bathing has a motivating result on the cardiovascular system. The pulse rate increases within a short period. This raises the blood circulation since the heat causes the blood vessels in the skin to increase, within creased blood flow. They suggest that sending more blood into the capillaries converts carbohydrates and fat resulting in calories being burned during only one short steam bath session.

The best answer for you

The best way to get a real answer is for you to keep a Shower Journal and record your weight before and after each session in a steam bath or sauna. Then you will find an answer that is especially for you, instead of 3 answers and just picking one. According to Shower Journal, taking the steam shower is beneficial for your health and weight loss.

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