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The ceramic tile is a popular option for most homeowners. Most homeowners will choose it when remodeling their homes, and in some instances, when they are decorating their new place. A ceramic tile is a great option because it is affordable and is durable. In addition, it contains high water-resistant properties, which minimizes the risk of water damage to the tiles over long-term use.

In addition, the ceramic tiles are compatible with underfloor heating, which is important because the tile can get cold causing underfoot discomfort. Furthermore, it is popularly known that ceramic tiles are quite easy to clean and that they are a practical choice for households with multiple kids, as well as pets.

The most suitable place for laying ceramic tiles is within the interior of the house, most preferably within low traffic areas.

Selecting the right ceramic tile patterns can be a difficult task because they are several designs in the market to choose from. The following are a few of the most popular designs available to make the selection process much easier.

a. Go for contemporary tiles

One of the most popular designs available is mixing and matching contemporary tiles. This is the most suitable design for modern settings and for infusing a modern vibe into an aged space. This design idea is also perfect when the homeowner is looking to explore their creativity. This is because the design requires you to choose different ceramic tiles that perfectly complement one another.

b. Stick to the current trends

Sticking to the current design tile trends is the best way you can play it safe when tiling a surface using ceramic tile. Choose designs that are currently in fashion, but also ensure that these trends possess style longevity. For instance, the current design color schemes that are trending include black, grey, and cream, and incorporating these colors into your tile outlay will infuse a modern vibe into space.

Another design idea would be to mix the in-trend design schemes with designs that possess a vintage inference such as the design styles that incorporate fleur de lis. Such a combination will increase the depth of the outlay, and make people visually interested in the tiled surface.

c. Consider geometric prints

Retro-referenced geometric prints are not only mesmerizing, but they do well to increase the visual intensity of the tiled surface. The complexity and regularity of the pattern on the print will attract the eye’s attention.

If you were looking to create a feature wall or floor, then this would be the ideal tile design to work with. This is because the intense visual interest generated by the geometric patterns will easily turn the tiled surface into the focal point of the space.

These ceramic tiles with unique geometric patterns are ideal for a variety of surfaces in your house including the hallway, the bathroom, and the kitchen. You can also select ceramic tiles with bold geometric patterns to use on your backsplash in order to make this surface pop, and remain an effective focal point.

d. Embrace the vintage look

If you are decorating or renovating an aged home, the best thing for you to do would be to embrace this age aspect and fully capitalize on it. Capitalizing on it would involve looking for and selecting antique tile finishes for the different tiled surfaces across your home.

e. Monochrome for Industrial

Unlike aged homes where you need to embrace the vintage look by adding antique finishes as well as warm undertones, you will need to heighten the steel feel of an industrial-styled home. You can achieve this by incorporating a monochrome scheme for the tiles. These are diverse ceramic tiles that when combined create a monochrome scheme. Such a scheme will play into the entire industrial setting that you have set up in the home.

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