Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Area Rug Cleaning Tips

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If you want a good-looking home, you need to take area rug cleaning seriously. This is because area rug is one of the most easily damaged features of a home. In view of the fact that area rug cleaning is quite expensive, you need to protect your investment with adequate care. Consequently, you need to remember that area rug cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all venture. A material, construction, size, and other factors have demeanor on how you should care and clean your rugs.

Rugs can either be an eyesore that you wish you could hide or add a dazzling centerpiece to home. To get the best out of area rug cleaning, therefore, here are some tips for you:

Do regular Vacuuming of Large Rugs

Generally, you should take care of area rugs as you would for your carpets. Daily vacuuming is the significant thing you can do to maintain these rugs. Apart from keeping the rug clean, vacuuming also prevents the rugs from untimely aging. It keeps it long-lasting, supple, and well-maintained. It will also give it a well-cared appearance that will make it look like a brand new one.

 However, be very careful not to vacuum the fringe on the rug.

Get Rid of Pet Hair during the Area Rug Cleaning

This particular tip is for you if you have a pet because pet hair can actually bury itself in clothes, rugs, tapestries, and some other household materials. Use a stiff brush to pick up pet hair when you are performing area rug cleaning because a vacuum will not always pick up all pet hair.

Do Annual Turning of Your Rugs

An annual turning of your rugs will help to reduce the aging of the rug over time. As mentioned earlier, area rugs are not cheap to come by, and you want them to last as long as possible as they can. Turning the rug regularly will even make it wear and tear the more, while the sun and people walking on the rug can also wear it out.

Shake Small Area Rugs

When you are doing area rug cleaning, you can take a small area rug outside and shake it, beat it against a porch rail or fence. This will get rid of grit, hair, and dirt that may be stuck on the rug. Nevertheless, make sure that you put some power behind your beating and shaking of the area rug.

Deep Clean all Area Rugs

Endeavor to do area rug cleaning deeply in every 12-18 months. It is always recommended that you first try a small area of the rug when you are using any carpet cleaning product for the first time. Use a spray, foam, or other area rug cleaning solutions on all your area rugs. A carpet shampooer or carpet steam cleaner can also be used to clean larger area rugs to ensure a long life for your rug.

In general, most of the things you do with your wall to wall carpeting can be done to your area rugs. Remember that area carpet cleaning should be carefully done and make sure that whatever you choose to put on your area rug will not stain or damage it. Don’t forget to vacuum the fringe or edges of your area rug as well.

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