Alternative Cooling Systems (Wall-mounted AC Systems) from Trane 

Alternative Cooling Systems (Wall-mounted AC Systems) from Trane 

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Having alternative ways to cool down your home is something that provides you with a way to be comfortable. If you live in a home that does not allow for ducts or that might be too expensive to add ducts too, alternative cooling systems can be a great way to go.

Wall-mounted AC systems from Trane are one of the leading air conditioning choices on the market today. With a great SEER rating, units that can cool down large spaces and many other options and add-ons to go with, this system provides a way to beat the heat but not spend too much in order to do so.

What is a ductless wall-mounted AC system?

The ductless wall-mounted AC systems for homes are systems that have a unit that attaches to the inside of the home on the wall and is controlled through that unit. There is also an outside compressor unit that it is attached too. This is often more efficient than a window AC unit, but those with these units would consider adding a wall-mounted unit to the side of their home for better efficiency.

Ductless wall-mounted AC systems benefits

As with any unit that you come across, there are many benefits (and even downfalls) that you have to be aware of. While there are not many downfalls of this type of alternative cooling system, there are many benefits that come along with using one. Understanding the benefits will give you more information on whether or not this is the system for you to use.

  • You do not have to install ducts, remove parts of the home, rebuild or remodel to have a new system installed in your home
  • They are easy to mount onto the wall or the ceiling so you don’t have to worry about a lot of construction to have one installed inside your home
  • They provide a highly flexible way to cool (and even heat) the inside of your home
  • If you have added a room or converted an attic or basement into living space, they provide the cooling that is needed in that area without running new ducts
  • They can save a lot of money not only because you’re not adding ducts to the area, but also on the amount of energy used and the initial purchase price
  • They can improve the air quality inside the home when they are used. This is one of the biggest reasons that so many homeowners are making the switch. Reduce the number of allergens in the air and breathe easier
  • They are better for the environment and will reduce your carbon footprint on the world today when they are used inside homes
  • They can be used alone as a single unit or with the home’s existing cooling system depending on the needs of the homeowner

Single Zone vs Multi-Zone ductless units

Those that are considering a ductless wall-mounted AC system will want to consider both a single zone or a multi-zone system. Both of these provides the home with a way to cool down and feel more comfortable overall. Of course, the type that you go with depends on the needs that you and your family have.

Single Zone

The single zone systems are made to cool and control the temperature in one single area of the house. It connects to one outdoor unit and the indoor unit is connected to the wall. There is generally a specific square footage that this will cover and sometimes if space is small enough, it can provide cooling across the entire space.


For those that want to completely use a ductless system throughout their entire home, they will want to choose a multi-zone system from Trane. This is a system that has one outdoor unit but that is attached to multiple units inside the home that can all be controlled separately. This is ideal for larger homes or those with multiple rooms that need to be cooled.

Why choose a ductless air conditioning unit?

Those that are considering home cooling might consider ductless cooling. However, they might not be sold on the idea. This is because a window air conditioning unit is more affordable in terms of first off purchase. However, they’re not as long-lasting, they’re not as efficient and they’re not as effective at cooling down the home entirely. With ductless systems, not only are they going to save you money in the long run, but they’re efficient and effective at keeping the home cool, comfortable and well rounded.

Not only that, but window air conditioning units are a pain to install and then uninstall every single year. The ductless systems can stay on the wall for the entire year and are ready to go when the hot months roll back around again.

The air quality that comes with the ductless systems is one of the biggest advantages and one of the biggest reasons why people are making the switch. When there are no ducts or fans that are dusty and grabbing allergens and particles from the air that you breathe, then you don’t have to breathe them in constantly. With a ductless system, the air is purified before it is sent back into the rooms of the home. This is ideal for those with breathing conditions or allergies that act up when the air conditioning unit is normally running inside the home.

Trane comfort specialists provide in-depth information to homeowners on a daily basis. If this is a consideration that you have in mind for the home that you live in, it might be time to speak with one regarding the ductless AC unit that can provide cool air throughout the entire home to make it more comfortable overall. Even if you just have questions and do not want to purchase the system today, speaking with a knowledgeable professional can help you make a more informed decision on whether or not one of these units is right for you.

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