5 Bold Patterns to Bring Into Your Bathroom

5 Bold Patterns to Bring Into Your Bathroom

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With winter fast approaching, a new season brings new interior design trends and a thirst for a fresh start, or at least some fresh interiors – and what better place to start than by giving your bathroom a bright and bold new look?

With this in mind, in today’s post, we’re exploring one of the hottest interior design trends of recent years: bold patterns. From floral flourishes and tribal prints to vintage Victorian patterns, we’ve got all the inspiration you need for embracing bold and beautiful patterns in your bathroom to create a stylish and impactful look.

Add flair with fancy florals

With the nature trend still going strong, it’s no surprise to see floral prints continuing to be fashionable in late 2018. From big and bright floral decor to cute and ditsy floral prints on storage boxes and mirror frames, adding a floral flourish to your bathroom decor is sure to bring a fresh and romantic air to the room.

However, when using floral patterns, it’s advisable to keep the rest of the room’s interiors relatively simple and consistent – pairing them with plain or single-colored furniture and backgrounds is a fantastic way to make fancy florals stand out.

Bring in a tribal vibe

If flowers aren’t your thing, don’t fret – the latest tribal-style patterns could be just what you’re looking for to give your bathroom an impactful aesthetic. Beautifully combining dark, earthy browns and black with vivid reds, yellows, oranges and blues, tribal interiors are the perfect way to make a bold style statement.

From incorporating tribal-inspired artwork and ornamental pieces to dressing the room with animal-print accessories, by mixing and matching different pieces you can create a unique and authentic look in this style.

Embrace vintage Victorian style

Our love affair with vintage Victorian-style interiors doesn’t seem to be wavering, in fact, it’s more popular than ever. Whether you want to enhance on original period features (such as a claw foot bath) or replicate the Victorian look in a modern bathroom, embellishing the space with patterns that hark back to the Victorian era is a fantastic way to add a touch of elegance and grandeur.

From experimenting with patterned floor tiles to create your own Victorian-inspired design or replacing your bathroom radiator with a more traditional styled option, this trend offers endless possibilities and a timeless style.

Create a pretty Persian focal point

Another pattern penchant that’s set to be increasingly popular this year is Persian-style designs. Most typically seen in rugs and fabrics, the distinctive, Middle-Eastern designs of Persian patterns are bursting with rich colors and beauty that will instantly transform a space.

However, modern Persian-style is no longer just paired with traditional interiors. Combine Persian patterned towels and wall coverings with contemporary interiors to create stunning accents for your bathroom, or opt for a focal point around your mirror to add a dash of Eastern elegance to your morning routine.

Add color with Turkish designs

Looking to bring some traditional style and a splash of color to your bathroom – why not look at Turkish-inspired interiors to combine the two? Let patterns take center stage in your bathroom with a Kilim style bath mat as the star of the show or invest in some Eastern-inspired tile options. With bold and striking patterns that come in a variety of colors and styles, these patterns will stand out beautifully in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

With so many fantastic pattern trends to choose from, we hope you’ll find all the inspiration you need for keeping your home up to date and on trend.

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