4 Reasons to Move to Michigan

4 Reasons to Move to Michigan

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Like any state, Michigan has unique offerings that you can only truly appreciate if you spend extended time there. Michigan is one of the most beautiful states in the midwest in both the summer and the winter. It features incredible outdoor recreation and culture. In case you’re not persuaded to move there just yet, consider these perks as well.

You can build a beautiful home affordably from the ground up.

Housing prices in Michigan are wonderful. Compared to the national average, they’re almost $100,000 cheaper. This means you can enjoy a fantastic cost of living while you’re there.

What’s more, construction in Michigan has recently slowed. This means that the cost of building a home from the ground up is significantly more affordable than in the past. If you’ve always dreamed of building your own home, call home builders in Wixom, MI, or whatever city you’re planning to live in, to schedule a consultation. You might not get another chance to build such an affordable, comfortable home.

You can probably afford a luxury home.

Because housing prices are very reasonable in Michigan, you just might be able to select one of many luxury homes in the area for you to vacation or live in whenever you want. With the average price per square foot in Michigan middling out to about $128, a 5,000-square foot home (standard mansion size) will cost you about a half-million. Not too bad, compared to other states in the nation.

If you’re after exclusive luxury, however, and money is no object, plenty of gorgeous houses are for sale on the state’s four lakes. You could also claim an unclaimed spot to build your own, including all the best features like a jetted bath, waterfall shower, marble floors, and other features you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll find many private, secluded locations on the lakes, so you can also include a lot of glass windows to afford you incredible views as well. Furnish it with the most luxurious furniture, and you’ll feel like you’re always on vacation.

You can check out fantastic museums.

Michigan has unique history in our nation that you probably want to be a part of. Start in Detroit, where automobiles were invented. You can tour the Automotive Hall of Fame and other vehicle-dedicated museums to learn as much as possible about the history of cars as we know them as well as the latest innovations in the technology.

Detroit also offers the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Motown Museum, Michigan Science Center, The Henry Ford, Detroit Historical Museum, Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, and a variety of cultural museum like the African Bead Museum, Gospel Music Hall of Fame, Ukrainian American Archives & Museum, and so much more.

After you’ve seen all there is to see in Detroit, explore Lansing, MI, where you can enjoy the Impression 5 Science Center, a fantastic hands-on museum that kids and adults alike love. There are also great art galleries, the Michigan Historical Museum, the Old Courthouse, and other must-visit places in the state capital. These two cities have everything you could ever want to see by way of museums and history in the region.

You can visit the Great Lakes on the weekends

Perhaps the biggest perk of living in Michigan is access to the Great Lakes on any given weekend. Michigan touches four of the five Great Lakes, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan.

Thanks to these lakes, Michigan has a unique claim to fame as the state with the most lighthouses. It’s also home to some of the best lake-related recreation in both summer and winter. You’ll want to build a summer home on the shores and never leave!

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