3 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

3 Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

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Many individuals live in small homes, rooms or spaces. Whatever the reason for living in a small room is, you will undoubtedly make some adjustments to your lifestyle to make everything fit in the space.

Let’s say, for example in a cozy, intimate room, you can use snuggly upholstered pieces, warm tones, and dramatic lighting. This can create an ambient effect in a wonderful private room for you. Also, if you feel the need to enlarge your small room, you can make a few decorating changes to make it look bigger. What you need is to add some color, create more light using swing and slide doors and arranging your furniture. Here are the three main ways that can make your room to look large.

Be Shelf-Smart

It is more tempting to fill your small living room shelves with everything from the last month’s shopping bags to books, but you need to avoid this. It is recommended to leave some empty spaces that will help you show the real depth of your small room and create an airy look. If you own more books and you need to house them, store them on pick floor or ceiling bookcases, since it makes the ceilings look higher creating enough space.

You can also use built-in furniture to make your room look bigger. Custom built-ins are suitable in a small room since you can easily size each piece of furniture for the challenging space while adding features that will minimize its use. For example, you can put an attractive rollaway drawer under your sofa or install deep shelves with brackets on your wall as a desk. Also, instead of having a custom-made wall unit, you can place your shelves in artful patterns on your wall to make a media unit.

Choose a Light Colour Scheme

Dark colors are not ideal in small rooms. As recommended, lighter color palettes cast the illusion of bigger areas. Although dark color schemes are trendy and design friendly, they are suitable in bigger rooms.

When you use dark color schemes, it can create suffocating feelings as though the walls are closing in on the already space-challenged room. White is the best color for your small room and for swing and slide doors, but if you cannot handle such a cold and blank canvas, you can opt for other light, soft colors like creams and beiges.

Allow the Sun to Shine in

You should allow natural light sources to make your living room look brighter and bigger. Most sunlit rooms feel more open and will reduce shadows that make an enclosed space feel smaller. The easiest and simplest way to enhancing natural light in your room is to install a mirror where it can reflect the light from your window. Installing a mirror will not only reflect the light but also create an illusion of more depth in your space. If the natural light is minimal, you should consider installing track lighting. The best way to bring natural light into your room is to add swing and slide doors. These usually work best in a room attached to the garden/ patio area, as this is where the natural light will best come in. Being able to see the garden area from your room will also create the illusion of a bigger room space.

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