10 Eco-Friendly Items That Will Make You Want To Think More Green

10 Eco-Friendly Items That Will Make You Want To Think More Green

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It’s common knowledge that we are mostly responsible for tons of waste that are found in landfills and the ocean today. Aside from supporting disposable items, our negligence in proper waste disposal and segregation are huge factors that contribute to our growing pile of garbage worldwide.

Thankfully, more companies are making the change towards the betterment of the environment. Various brands now offer sustainable products as alternatives to our usual items. This step creates a world of a difference to our planet. Apart also from switching to eco-friendly products, you can show your support by investing in green waste removal Sydney from Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to ensure the proper disposal of your garbage.

With that said, if you’re curious to know more about eco-friendly alternatives, here are ten items you should consider buying.

1. Reusable Coffee Cups

Are you a certified coffee addict? Did you know that getting coffee to-go leads to tons and tons of paper waste? So before you satisfy your caffeine cravings, make sure to buy a reusable coffee cup first. Consider one that’s made from 100% food safe silicone.

2. Stainless Bottles

Bringing a bottle of water with you is always a good idea. However, it is best if you opt for a reusable, stainless steel one. It’s a safe and sustainable way to enjoy your favorite drinks on the go.

3. Cloth Napkins

Make the switch from paper napkins to cloth ones instead. Millions of tissue paper are disposed of after one use all over the world. Consider finding a cloth napkin made of bamboo or clothes for your everyday napkin needs. You can wash them and reuse them many times over.

4. Biodegradable Waste Bags

If you can’t afford to get a professional waste disposal service, make the switch to biodegradable trash bags instead. This is especially great for when you have dogs and rely on plastic bags to clean up after them.

5. Recycled Paper

If you need paper supplies at home or for your office, go with recycled ones. It does the same job, looks practically the same as regular paper, and helps so many trees live much longer.

6. LED Bulbs

LED bulbs conserve more energy than typical incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen ones. They also come in various shapes and colors to suit your lighting needs.

7. Solar-powered Lamps and Candles

For accent and mood lighting, consider going for those that run on solar energy. Aside from being energy efficient, these solar lamps and candles can be placed anywhere without having to worry about plugging it in. Just make sure to put it outside if you set it somewhere the sun doesn’t hit.

8. Compostable Plates And Cutlery

If you often host parties, make sure to use plates and cutleries that are 100% compostable. That way, you can feel less guilty in disposing of them after a single use.

9. Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are part of a complicated, and dangerous, recycling process. However, rechargeable batteries, although may cost a bit more, will save you more money in the long run while you help the environment.

10. Organic Towels and Pillowcases

Although towels and pillowcases aren’t considered to be a single-use product, most of them are mass produced in massive manufacturings. Choose organic towels and other items that come from a sustainable farming method.

Final Word

Buying eco-friendly products are an investment for you and the future generations to come. For other sustainable services, visit https://extracheaprubbishremoval.com.au/locations/eastern-suburbs/  to learn more about green waste disposal.

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